ManageHome is the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee expert for home management and rental permitting.

Second home ownership simplified.

The North Lake Tahoe/Truckee areas offer pristine mountain living and adventure. ManageHome partners with local agencies to create the best possible owning and renting experience.

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Short term rental and caretaking services.

ManageHome offers a comprehensive set of services.
From short-term rental compliance to caretaking services, we have you covered.

ManageHome is your local expert.

The North Lake Tahoe and Truckee areas are extraordinary. Our services are built to suit.

The North Lake Tahoe and Truckee areas are truly unique and extraordinary, but the drastic change between seasons and its multiplicity of governmental agencies make STR compliance a unique challenge throughout our communities. Our regional expertise and experience allows us to maintain your property precisely and with utmost care.

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Downtown Truckee from Brockway in fall
Lupine at night near Tahoe City
Downtown Truckee at night

Customer reviews

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We have been working with ManageHome for the past 4 months and are incredibly happy with the service we are receiving. Meghan and her team have always been very responsive and reliable. We have been hands-on with managing our short-term rental for the past few years, but no matter how involved we are, there are invariably situations that call for support. ManageHome has become our boots on the ground, our eyes and ears when we need another set looking after our property, and this has been a tremendous source of relief for us. I appreciate that ManageHome fills the gap between full-service management — which we neither want nor need — and going it alone. Their pricing is fair, their service packages flexible, and their delivery top-notch. I highly recommend ManageHome!

Laura M, Tahoe Vista